Your health and safety are always on our minds.  In our kitchen we cook "clean" by which we mean we start with whole, raw product and prepare it fresh with our own hands using pre-prepared products sparingly (sorry, Sriracha is delicious and is part of what makes our collard greens so addictive.) 

We want you to feel secure in your food selections so you can relax and enjoy yourselves. To that end here is a list of menu items to avoid if you have allergen concerns.  In some cases we are able to work around the allergen (and are happy to do so!) we just need to know about it. 

This list is based on the major food allergens as recognized by ServSafe and the FDA that account for over 90% of all reactions.  If your concern is not listed here please just let us know, because we cook clean we have complete access to what goes into our products. 

PLEASE NOTE: We go to great lengths to avoid cross contamination (i.e. Maintaining a gluten free fryer, constant and consistent sanitation, etc) but given the size of our facilities we cannot 100% guarantee it.