We are just days away from the Super Bowl of cooking!  For obvious reasons, this is one of our favorite holidays.  Some of you are seasoned cooks and can whip up a delicious Thanksgiving meal without breaking a sweat but for some the big T-day can be incredibly daunting.  We are here for you!  Over the coming days we will be giving hints, tips, and recipes to keep you on track and get you ready for the big day!

The real key to success is organization and preparation and today (9 days out) is the perfect time to get started. 

Things to do today:

  • Decide on your main protein and preparation methods.
    • While turkey is the go-to for the day it need not be your only choice: ham, goose, chicken, or prime rib all make excellent options as well
    • Decide now how you are going to prepare: roast, grill, fry, smoke etc and make sure you have the equipment to accomplish it
    • If you are ordering out for this be sure to place your order now to ensure you get what you want (we have smoked turkey orders open through Friday November 18th btw)
  • Make a rough timeline for your burners and oven space
    • Not everything needs to be served hot and some hot items hot temperature longer than others.  Things like sweet potato casserole and dressings tend to taste better when they aren't piping hot and mashed potatoes when stored in a warmed ceramic bowl and covered with a dish towel hold heat for a rather long time.
    • If you are really crunched on space consider swapping dishes out that are served cold.  Grape Salad, for example, is a delicious and unexpected addition that comes straight from your refrigerator!
    • Don't forget about chafing dishes, crockpots, and even heating pads that can add to your warm holding places.  Not kidding about the heating pad, throw a bowl of rolls on top of one on your serving table with a kitchen towel over it and you are good to go!
  • Match your menu to your serving dishes
    • This is a common misstep that can cause a bit of last minute,  take just a few moments to make sure that everything you're serving has a dish to go in and a place to sit the dish, use post-it notes if you need to!
  • Inventory your kitchen equipment
    • This meal usually requires tools that you may not normally use:  meat thermometers, mashers, ricers, wisks, etc all have a tendency to disappear into Narnia when we aren't paying attention.  Now is the time to lay hands on them and make sure they are in good working order.
  • Double check guest list for allergen or dietary restrictions
    • Next thursday in not a good to find out that your Aunt Sally turned vegan 6 months ago!  You have plenty of time to adapt now though.

Now take a deep breath, you are already ahead of the game and everything will be great!

See you tomorrow for the next step!